A little love from some of our customers.

Andrew P. -  Verified Buyer

First and foremost these beans are definitely roasted to order and have a powerful, yet pleasant aroma. These beans are also tasty and flavorful, but not too sweet, offering elements of both nutty and chocolatey flavors. These beans also have a balanced feel, smooth and mellow with a light body and a mild aroma of brown

Joseph B. -  Verified Buyer

Best Huehuetenago I've had
Delicious with such a unique taste. Probably the best Huehuetenango coffee I have had. Diedrich's coffee used to be my standard, but I like this better.

Jeffery S. -  Verified Buyer

Great Balance
This is such a wonderful balanced morning coffee. I love the blend of chocolatey beans bursting with robust fruity flavors!

Logan M. -  Verified Buyer

Excellent Coffee
This coffee is the bomb. It has about displaced my favorite. It is smooth, with a complex and kind of nutty flavor. It's fun just to drink it and try to discern all the flavors.

Toni H. -  Verified Buyer

Good quality coffee
This is the first time I tried coffee from Guatemala and I really like it. The taste is really good and I really recommend it. One of my favorites.