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Currently, we roast every Monday and Thursday to conserve our resources. We are a small company and this particular system works well for us and our customers. As we grow, we will add additional roast days and at some point  (fingers crossed) have the increased demand to roast on a daily basis. We appreciate all of the support from our customers and their understanding as to how we operate.

Your coffee is shipped within 24-hours of roasting. Depending on your selected shipping method, the time of your order, and your location, you'll normally receive your coffee 1-5 days from the roast date. Depending on the time of year and weather, there may be delays. If there is going to be a significant delay, we will notify you.

Absolutely! If you'd like your coffee ground, just let us know what brewing system you use and we we'll happily grind it for you.

We typically ship via FedEx and USPS. We do not ship internationally.

Some of our coffees are Organic or Fair Trade, but in general, we don't specifically seek them out. Our focus is more on the overall quality and flavor. Just because a coffee possesses those labels doesn't necessarily guarantee they will be a better coffee. We strive to purchase coffees that are above "Fair Trade" pricing, providing producers with the financial resources to promote sustainable farming practices and living wages.

If your coffee tastes "weak" or watery, let's first make sure you've got the right ratio of coffee to water. Typically, 1 part coffee to 16 parts water is a good start.
Also try "tweaking" one of the following and see if it makes a difference:
- Grind your coffee finer.
- Extend your brew time.
- Use hotter water.

Also, try using a burr grinder instead of a spice grinder. Burr grinders provide a more consistent grind and are worth the investment.

For filter (drip, pour overs, Aeropress, french press), we suggest brewing anywhere from 3-7 days off roast. The coffee can be brewed at a later date and will still taste delicious, but we have found our coffee shines best within a week off roast. Since it will take approximately 3-days for your coffee to be delivered, you really can start drinking it immediately.

For espresso, we suggest brewing waiting between 7-14 days off roast. There is CO2 that is created in the roasting process and while this can be beneficial for other brewing methods, it can hinder brewing with an espresso machine.

First, check the tracking number in your shipping confirmation email. The shipping provider will be able to tell you where your package is in it's journey. If there is severe weather, shipments are often delayed. If this is the case, FedEx does not reimburse shipping costs, therefore, Latitude Coffee Traders doesn’t reimburse for severe weather delays.

If you live on the East Coast and choose FedEx Ground, keep in mind that your package will take 5-6 BUSINESS days to arrive… so that's 7-8 days including the weekend.

It is very important that you are proactive regarding missing or delayed packages. Once the package has left our facility, it is out of our hands. If you have any issues with lost, misdirected, delayed or stolen packages contact the shipper. Alway double-check to make sure your address is correct and that you select the fastest shipping option that works best for you.